When Was the Last Time You Saw Something TRULY Aimed at Newbies and the Non-Gurus?

The Secret To A Job Replacing Income For Non-Gurus


November 14, 2019

6- Day Launch

Launch Starts at 10 AM EST

Eric is an UP and COMING STAR who can bring some heat and is only going to get better and better. This is a guy you want to build your relationship with. It's like he came out of nowhere! Keep an eye on him!

Bill Hugall - Super Affiliate

The Secret to a Job Replacing Income for Non Gurus!

Brand new training with a unique, truly fresh twist

  • Your customers are going to learn a method for making money online which is completely different from everything else out there. I call it Reverse Launch Jacking because it's basically, the opposite of the launch jacking method so many gurus teach newbies.
  • The package comes complete with ready to use bonus pages, review videos with talking head spokespeople and even swipes and ready to deploy bonuses. In other words, your customers can set this up and start promoting in 15 minutes or less!


Make As Much As $190.43 Per Visitor!

early bird pricing: First 24 Hours, $7.95, Rest of the launch, $8.95 and then $9.95 post launch
We may run a coupon also. Details in JV doc.

In this training, Eric will show your customers the exact 'reverse launch jacking method he uses to make serious money from affiliate marketing. This method is kind of the opposite of launch jacking. 

Plus, the package includes two complete, done for you review videos with done for you bonus pages and done for you bonuses.

They even come with 'talking head' presenters introducing the review video so that it looks like your customers hired professionals instead of simply using an existing review someone else did.

$7.95-$9.95  |  100% COMMISSIONS

UPSEL​​​​L #1

10X Your Business

If two ready made packages complete with video reviews, bonus pages and ready made bonuses are good, ten are better! In this upgrade, your customers get 10 additional ready made packs to push high quality products on Warrior Plus. 

Plus, your customers will get an exclusive bonus, showing them how to pick great products on JVZoo and PayDotCom. 

$37/17  |  50% COMMISSIONS


My No Pitch Newsletter

This is a recurring offer. Your customers get my 30 page no pitch newsletter every month filled with the best tips and tricks to build a life of freedom online. Everything they need to know in order build a real business online. 

$9.95/Mo/$1 Trial  |  50% COMMISSIONS


Steal Eric's Money

Everyone's favorite -- Your customers get a guaranteed approval to promote post launch and they get 100% commissions across the fe, OTO1, OTO2 and OTO3

$67/47  |  50% COMMISSIONS


6 Figure Coaching

In a very short period of time, I have become a top 10% vendor on Warrior Plus and a top 25% affiliate. I regularly sell more than $10K per month and now I'm going to show your customers everything I've learned. Four no pitch webinar sessions followed by 3 months of direct access to my cell phone for consultations and coaching. 

$247/$197  |  50% COMMISSIONS

​Email Swipes

​Here's Our High Converting Email Swipes


Subject: Last Chance to Finally Stop Wasting Time and Start Making Money!

Hey [Name],

This is your final warning! The launch of The Income Formula is coming to a close and Eric is going to raise the price soon. Remember – this course shows you a truly fresh method for making money which Eric calls reverse launch jacking. It’s like nothing you have ever seen before!

Plus, Eric spared no expense to develop custom made bonuses and review videos which well, they blow me away because they are super professional looking. I’ve never seen anyone offer ready made review videos with professional talking head presenters introducing them. That is a whole new level in this industry but Eric has done it.

And all of this is still just $8.95!! Oh but make sure to grab OTO1 also. Not only did Eric offer an insane number of bonuses there, he also gives you 10 more ready made review videos, bonus pages, the whole nine yards. It’s truly remarkable what Eric has put together here and I honestly think he’s kind of crazy to give it away for so little.

So get in while you can because this offer is closing tomorrow!

JV Contest

No Minimum!

JV Contest is based on total revenue. Payments will be made within 7 days after the launch ends to allow time for refunds. Any refunds during that time will be used to adjust the totals for prize money purposes.


Don’t Ask Me If  I Recip. Ask How Hard!

Bottom Line: You Hit Me Hard and I’ll Hit You Even Harder!

Most Epic Product Of The Year!

 If you kind of feel like every product that comes out these days is a repeat of every other product, get ready for a breath of fresh air with a different approach to making money on Warrior Plus. An approach truly designed to be newbie friendly... 

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